Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ting | You Can Still "Feed The Animals" With It

Another Jamaican beverage, and this time a grapefruit-flavored one. And folks, just like last week's, the flavor of this one isn't all that strong, great, noteworthy, delicious, sensational, happy, first-class, sterling, blue-ribbon, bang-up, killer, hunky-dory, ace, terrific, smashing, awesome or brilliant. Honestly you could spend an entire Friday night playing with your neighbor's cat and feel precisely the same bit of excitement. Sorry, but that's just the way it is.

Upon my first sip my immediate reaction was that it tasted just like Alka-Seltzer, but with some grapefruit (and/or lime) juice squeezed in (it even seemed to plop in a similar manner as I poured it over ice). But after a few more sips I didn't mind it so bad. And spending some time under the Carribbean sun might make anybody sing a different tune. I could see Ting being refreshing under those sorts of circumstances. There's also a Pink Ting and a Diet Ting, both which I haven't had.

I feel like I need to show some love to Jamaica. How 'bout this: I listened to Augustus Pablo yesterday. Good enough? Alright, I'm sorry. I like the pretty green bottle, if that's any better. Speaking of music, this album made the experience not quite as bad.

Also got this one at Yah Mon. (Don't) get it here. Next week we'll review something good. Promise.

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