Thursday, September 24, 2009

Filmography, Future Colas, & Lab Coats

Breaking News: A nice-looking short film titled The Red Ace Cola Project is playing at Sidewalk Film Festival this weekend in Birmingham, AL. I'm pretty sure the entire Weekly Fizz staff (me) will be there on Saturday 1:30pm at the Alabama Theater.

It’s 1955 and artificial flavors, TV dinners and space-age foods are all the rage. The International Foods and Flavors Company has just hired its first woman flavorist, Dr. Elizabeth McCovovich. Elizabeth's dream is to work in the lab with her idol, resident big man flavorist Dr. John Comden, but she soon discovers that Dr. Comden would rather her be a secretary than a scientist. Determined to prove herself as a flavorist, Elizabeth must beat out her boss and everyone else to create a new formula for Red Ace Cola, the “cola of the future."