Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fernandes Cherry Bouquet | Dutch Treat

Amsterdam has a tolerance for many things unpermitted in other places. Prostitution, marijuana, children peeing in bushes, and none other than Fernandes Cherry Bouquet.
I can say with honesty that on last week's trip I searched the city over, and couldn't find much in the way of peculiar non-U.S. sodas, but only weird juices, smoothies and things. 
Here were a few soda-related observations:
1) Fanta is even more common, in every local shopkeeper's cooler and served in every restaurant. 
2) Diet Cokes look the same, yet they go by the name Coca-Cola light
3) Also one day I thought I was buying a carton of chocolate milk, but upon opening it I found out I had actually bought a carton of chocolate yogurt. How is one supposed to consume an entire gallon of chocolate yogurt? You'll have to ask a Dutchman.
I got this little can from a vendor next to an art nouveau/deco neo-gothic theater, and threw it in my backpack until arriving home. And buddy, was that a long walk. It came as a reward that particular day of taking wrong turns all over the city, trying not to fall into canals and get run over by bicyclists.
I couldn't find Fernandes drinks online. The company had a few other soda flavors all over Amsterdam (Green Punch, Super Pineapple, and YES- Red Grape!). The ones I tried were all good, but Cherry Bouquet was certainly the tastiest.