Thursday, June 26, 2008

Red Rock Premium Cola | Get Silly


Lately I've spent some time in this city. I was interviewing for a job, seeing a couple good friends and listening to quite a bit of hip-hop radio. What else did I do? I drank Red Rock. I also drank several Weinstephaners and a Left Hand at Brickstore Pub, but during the daytime I was mostly listening to Weezy and sipping Red Rock.

Red Rock contains 100% natural pure cane sugar and a full-bodied taste in the soda fountain style. They've stayed relatively true to the original formula since 1885, which (as this man can tell you) is a really long time. If I had to compare it to another cola, I'd say it was a lot like Coke*. But stronger and (honestly) better. They make a ginger ale too, which I speculate must be pretty dope, like you'd expect Southern ginger ales to be.

In all actuality Red Rock has very little to do with the hip-hop lifestyle, and more to do with helping preserve nature- particularly The Chattahoochee River. From the 4-pack side panel:
One of Georgia's great rivers is endangered. The Chattahoochee River, a source of drinking water to nearly 3 1/2 million Georgians, has ben designated as one of the most endangered rivers in the nation. Red Rock is committed to helping save our great river. That's why Red Rock will donate a portion of the profit from every purchase to the Upper Chattahoochee Riverkeepers.
There's quite a bit of history to be read (if you have the patience). When in stock, you can order some from The Soda Shop.

(*Speaking of, did anyone else wonder where they were when Roc-A-Fella created the new Cherry Coke design last year?)

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kenny said...

Why don't you ask the River Keepers to look at 40 yrs. of pollution @ Squirrel Creek, in N. Hall Co.? & to 10 Billion dead chickens, flowing into the 'Hooch. every time it rains. Kenny