Wednesday, June 11, 2008

DG Sof Drink Kola Champagne | Continually Endorsed By Paula Abdul's Dance Partner's Cousin

There's a very light, non-cluttered taste to this beverage. I think the blandness might conflict with the anything-goes attitude of many Jamaicans I've met who like to party. But who can say for sure? DG Kola Champagne tastes nothing like the cola champagnes I've tasted before. I clearly taste some citrus here, and almost no signs of a strange plant found throughout the island nation. Recent news states that many young adolescents in our country have also discovered this plant and begun using it recreationally. But again, who can say for sure?
Let's be honest. There's not really much interesting to write about here, except for the store in which the bottle was obtained. I got it with a bottle of Ting at a bright yellow business called Yah Mon that's situated in the Historic 4th Avenue District of downtown Birmingham. I have not partaken of any food yet at Yah Mon, though my friends Cary Norton and Alan Barton have said nice things.
As this post's title suggests, several DNA tests have determined the
"cool cat" on the label is actually a not-so-distant cousin of Paula Abdul's friend from the "Opposites Attract" video. The rich/famous cat's cousin does not only prefer the island heat over the U.S. of A, but is also the key to why so many women prefer assholes (though that type of information can only be read on a whole other blog altogether). Next week we'll talk about another Jamaican soda made by the same company as this one. You can find this flavor and some others at this online store.

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