Thursday, October 23, 2008

"The Dr. Pepper's On Us"

As mentioned earlier, a Guns 'N Roses album is on the horizon. 
Why should we care?
Oh yeah. The 2008 completion of it entitles us all to a free can (or bottle? canteen?) of Dr. Pepper. 
Here's some instructions on how to obtain your very own coupon (which will take a while to arrive). 
Supposedly it can be used anywhere. I'm trying to imagine the expression I'll get from the cashier ladies at Western.


RC said...

Also, thanks to Eric Bartlett of your hometown Tampa Bay Rays, everyone in America gets a free taco at Taco Bell next Tuesday (10/28) between 2-6pm.

the lion said...

nov 23 here we come.

also....we demand more fizzings.

Sutton said...

Hey. There's a guy in this video that collects discontinued soda. Thought you'd find it interesting...