Monday, July 14, 2008

Vimto | Purple Stuff, Dad's Pants, etc.

Vimto is big stuff in the U.K. I kid you not. The concoction seen to your left comes straight from the fruit of grapes, raspberries and blackcurrants (yeah, I had to look it up). Upon first glance I expected the purple stuff to be from somewhere in India, since my can was retrieved from a hookah lounge.

And most anyone would agree, this Sparkling Vimto Fruit Flavoured Drink is mighty delicious. If you could see my face you would detect no disappointment. And as of 2008, folks have been "Shlurpling The Purple" (as some have called it) for 100 years*.
(*some creepy instructions on how to perform this task, which I feel rather uncomfortable disclosing)

Unlike several of the soft drinks we've reviewed, the powers that be have chosen a mascot with an actual name: Purple Ronnie (no, not him). Let's see.. What can I tell you about the guy? Well, what all would you like to know? We used to be roommates. OK, just messin'. Purple Ronnie is a stick figure. He might be the world's most famous stick figure for all I know. And, don't take this the wrong way, because I really do love this beverage, but please don't get me started on how much I despise stick figures. Show me a man/woman drawing a stick figure and I'll show you a man/woman that is utterly lazy. LAZY! On the contrary, I happen to find stick insects* quite fascinating. They are ACTS OF GOD and DEFINITELY something worth going on and on about.
(*for the scientific mind, these are really called Phasmatodea)
(*forgive me today for being overly caps-happy)

I expect to drink a little Vimto on my European travels next week, amongst other things. Order it from Vimto International or ask somebody at an import-friendly local grocery store to help you out.

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mteph said...

allow me to say this,

blackcurrant replaces grape for everything purple related in europe. I HATE IT! i tried to enjoy a bag of skittles and the entire experience was ruined by the filthy blackcurrant!

but this drink sounds tasty. enjoy your travels! keep an eye out for the obscure sodas.