Monday, July 28, 2008

Black Lemonade | Welcome to the Other Side

Pirates are all the rage these days. Or was that a few years ago? I never saw the final Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Got kind of bored in the second one. Either way, pirates love this drink. I have evidence of this because I have some pirate friends. Seriously, I'll show you where they live.

Black Lemonade Private Reserve is one of the strangest, bitterest things I've ever tried. It's the kind of thing thirteen year-old boys pass back and forth and dare one another to finish at slumber parties (no wait, girls have 'slumber parties' and boys have 'sleepovers,' right? or was it the other way around?). While we're on the subject, it's not sissy thirteen year-old boys who might drink this either, but the kind that sneak weapons into school on the days they actually show up. 

I enjoyed the herbal lemonade/motor oil experience quite a bit, but probably wouldn't drink more than two bottles a year, if you catch my drift. There are several warnings on the label to not take lightly, including "once you drink black you never go back" (really.. their words, not mine). The drink is made by the alternative beverage group Skeleteens (and is it my imagination, or wasn't there a ska band with this same name sometime in the 90s?), and can be obtained via the web from the Sodaking

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the lion said...

you arrrrrrrrrrre thinking of the Skeletones, if i am not mistaken.