Thursday, May 29, 2008

Virgil's Black Cherry Cream Soda | Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory

Anyone who's ever tasted a Virgil's Root Beer can tell you two things. For one, it's really expensive. Also, it's mighty tasty (partially attributed to the fact that it's so expensive, thus leaving the taster no choice but to savor every intimate sip). The all-natural beverage "micro brewed with black cherry and vanilla beans" is a lot of things. It's a seagull perched on a tall rock. A drive through an old park with your lover. An observation of some mountains from the top of a ferris wheel, perhaps.

Honestly, I have never found anything remotely close to a Virgil's Black Cherry Cream Soda before today. It's worth the money. It might be worth all your money (assuming you make quite little, and your children are not enrolled in private school).

This Virgil guy claims to gather his ingredients worldwide. In his words, it's "what Ben and Jerry's is to ice cream," and "what Dom Perignon is to champagne." If you're a wine-taster turned soda-enthusiast (I know you're hiding out there somewhere) or a Wall Street gentleman who'd feel too second-rate chintzy strolling around with a Capt'n Eli's Parrot Punch in hand, what other choice could there be? All snobbery aside, I'm convinced this gourmet beverage would suit anyone well. Confession time: I drank it alongside some leftovers from Taco Bell, and it completely counterbalanced the otherwise deplorable quality of my table d'hote.

I got my bottle at Whole Foods Market. Check out Virgil's other products- their Root Beer and Real Cola- if you haven't already. A variety of places to find them are listed here.


mteph said...

i'm not an adventurous soda drinker (not very adventurous in general actually) but your words about his soda make me want to NOT completely detest black cherry/cream soda style products.

"It's a seagull perched on a tall rock. It's a drive through an old park with your lover. An observation of some mountains from the top of a ferris wheel, perhaps."

YES YES YES. i would like to have those feelings and emotions about a soda product.

Anonymous said...

When you come visit, you have to try Crater Lake Root Beer. I don't even like root beer very much, and I really like this! They just started making it in bottles this year. They used to only sell it in kegs.

Kevin Wilder said...


i received your package in the mail today of a book i already really wanted to read (all from reading the description on your goodreads page, of course).

i'm pondering books to send you. i like this book trade thing we got going.

you and uncle g. have fun with seth.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, Virgil's Black Cherry Cream Soda is absolutely outstanding! And I'm not even a soda drinker...and haven't been for nearly 15 years, but I will occassionally drink Virgil's products since they're process is considerably more natural. Nothing like that BC Cream Soda on a hot day....mmmmm.