Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Postobón Manzana | The Weird Columbian Apple Beverage The Entire World Just Can't Stop Talking About

I've been seeing this one around for a while, and finally tried it out. This Apple soda, known as Postobón Manzana, is sweet. Not sweet as in Granny Smith sweet nor is it sweet like a Washington Red, but rather sweet like bobbing for Galas at the Fall Festival and then kissing the blond wearing that suh-weet red flannel dress on the hayride, then not calling her the next day because neither of you have reached an age where your parents feel cellular phones are crucial for you sweet.

I only wonder why the color must be pink? Still the stuff easily makes the list of top three apple drinks to come out of South America in the last 110 years. My second complaint would be it tastes a bit on the sugary side. Even for soda. Besides that, it was great.

For once, this time around a wealth of information was uncovered. Postobón is a combination of the names of its creators, Gabriel Posada and Valerio Tobón, who founded their original flavor, champagne cola, way back in 1904. They soon began bottling various other flavors under the Postobón label. Now they've got everything from bottled waters to boxed juices to groundbreaking gardening tools for beginners.

If you find yourself needing a second opinion on this apple drink, you should talk to these guys. Proof enough? You can buy it by the bottle at Soda Pop Stop.


the lion said...

speaking of champagne cola, next time you are in town we need to go hit up Yeh Mon on 4th. they have all sorts of weird Jamaican sodas.

Carrie said...

Ting is my favorite Jamaican soda. Kevin is my favorite soda blogger.

Kevin Wilder said...

Ting will be reviewed for sure. And Yeh Mon sounds great. Is that a new shop? I know Ruthie Parsons has quoted that phrase before.

Anonymous said...

Nice review. Just so you know, it's from Colombia, South America.