Monday, April 7, 2008

Green Spot Orange Drink is the New Black

Let's play a game. What looks like a soda, tastes like an orange-flavored juice and has a funny name?

It's Green Spot Orange Drink! And not only is it not half-bad, but it's completely natural, maaaan.
Thought I'd take a can of this citrus treat home from Subs N Such/Sodamania the other day (the only place in the area with a huge, diverse selection of off-the-wall soft drinks, collectible bottles and.. sandwiches!). Without the carbonation, Green Spot tastes almost like a Sunny D. Or rather it brings to mind distant memories of waiting in the juicebox line. Sans overweight lunchlady with the mustache and hairnet.

I must say I was a little surprised at how little fizz there was accompanying the orangey-ness of this drink. But after a few sips, relaxing and watching Motherboy XXX, something in me changed. After that I could've handled two more.

The Green Spot company began in the U.S. in 1934 and relocated to Thailand twenty years later. Today they've continued blending the freshest of ingredients to make this true blue soft drink and fruit juice drink concentrates for restaurants around the globe.

Update: a poet told me a "green spot" is like an "oasis," or "cool drink in the desert." Keeping that in mind, seeing all these colors makes a little more sense. I was getting dizzy. Still can't find anywhere where Green Spot can be purchased, so help me out if you're in the know.

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