Monday, March 10, 2008

Remember the Cola Wars? | Pepsi vs. Coke | Why All This Fighting When There Could Be A Perfect Bottle Of O'sippie Somewhere In The Vicinity?

Why, when picking sodas, must people have to choose between products offered from one of the above two companies? I'm guilty as well, knowing full and well there are hundreds if not thousands of third party options. Why not throw an occasional Jones in the mix? If you're anything like me, you drink at least one soda every day. Alright alright, let's begin with some honesty. I drink more than that. Two or three, at least. These days usually directly from the soda fountain in a cone cup (my current job requires pulling several late shifts).

Well, I'm breathing this blog into existence mainly to generate some well-deserved attention for the oft-overlooked sodas quietly hiding in the back alleys of our world. I'll need your help. Any strange soda-related material you come across or would like to see should be sent my way pronto. Check back often to find out about interesting corporate and privately owned soda companies, or simply if you're wanting to find out where you can grab your own bottle of Rat Bastard Root Beer for the living room mantle (it's at The Soda Shop, if you were in fact actually wondering). *Pardon the stock image, by the way. We're working on it.

So stay tuned for weekly posts including soda news, personal anecdotes, history lessons, photos, interviews and much more regarding anything and everything related to the strange and wonderful world of independent caffeinated beverages.

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the lion said...

i cannot stress how excited i am about this blog.